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Axis Sally

Axis Sally

Biography | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Michael Polish


Randall Emmett, George Furla


Al Pacino, Meadow Williams


Based on a true story, Mildred Gillars (Meadow Williams) is an American entertainer known as "Axis Sally" who became a powerful weapon in the hands of the Nazis, forced to sing defeatist war propaganda to US soldiers based in Europe during World War II. Terrorized and raped by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's right-hand man, Mildred broadcasts hate-filled messages to survive the dark and dangerous world of the Third Reich. Despite attempting to murder Goebbels during a forced sexual encounter, Mildred is eventually captured by American authorities and sent to trial. With the help of her eccentric, brilliant lawyer Laughlin (Al Pacino), she must fight once again for her life against ten counts of treason charged by the US government.

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