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Baby Fingers

Baby Fingers

Horror | English | 90 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC

Cast & Crew


Barney Cohen


Adapted by Barney Cohen

Creator of "Forever Knight," one of

TV Guide's "25 Top Cult Shows Ever!" as well as writer for Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Friday The 13th The Final Chapter

BABY FINGERS – a modern take on the classic English horror story, “The Monkey’s Paw,” now in the form of a sun-dried hand of a long deceased Vietnamese baby, acquired at an antiques shop by a group of attractive young men and women who’ve taken a summer share in a nearby cottage on the beach. Each finger, as it unfurls, can grant a wish. But those wishes are tricky. And the hand’s really big trick is that it can raise the dead. But you know you shouldn’t do that, don’t you? Also have a different version where the hand shows up at a wedding, as a creepy gift. Either way, sequels start when someone fishes the talisman out of the fire meant to destroy it, because he thinks he can learn to control it. Heh-heh-heh...

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