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Comedy, Drama | English


Foresight Unlimited

Cast & Crew


Lina Roessler


Cassian Elwes


Michael Caine, Aubrey Plaza


In the vein of Jack Nicholson's As Good As It Gets, BEST SELLERS is a laugh-out-loud adventure that centers on a miserable, sharp-witted, widowed, has-been novelist, HARRIS (Michael Caine) who just wants to live out his days in peace with a bottle of scotch, a cigar, and his orange Tabby cat. However, LUCY (Aubrey Plaza), a perfectionist, and the young heir to a book publishing company on its last legs, is in need of a bestselling book to save the company. Still trying to measure herself up to her late father, Lucy looks to Harris, who hasn't published a book in over 40 years.

Lucy digs up Harris' dusty contract that has him committed to giving her two more books, and having no choice, Harris decides to give Lucy one of his manuscripts to publish. When the book doesn't hit, Lucy convinces Harris to go on a U.S. book tour with the promise of her assistant babysitting his cat, an unlimited supply of scotch and Mars candy bars...and by using the contractual clause that if he doesn't, she gets to edit his manuscript.

At a publicized book signing, Harris, hilariously drunk, goes off-the-rails as he exclaims "It's all bullshit(e)", to the pompous book critic that he's dangling from a balcony in front of hundreds of shocked attendees. And then he goes on a tirade about all the "bullshite" in the book industry, and how all the esteemed authors are fakes. His fashionable pessimism strikes a chord. His word of "wisdom" catches on like wildfire; he goes viral online and merchandising sales take off. And there's Lucy; trying to field this storm, while also basking in this madness that's driving sales of his book higher. As the tour grows bigger, with more talk shows and national attention, Lucy and Harris begin to grow closer to one another as she begins to crack away at his tough exterior. Little does she know that he will soon reveal a truth that will change Lucy's world forever.

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