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Bigger Than Us

Documentary, True Story | English | 90 minutes


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In every corner of the planet, young people are raising their voices and taking action on climate change, inequality, migration, agriculture, education, gun control and even corruption.

18 years-old Indonesian Melati Wijsen leads this quest to join forces with activists of this new generation. She started lobbying her local government to ban the sale and distribution of plastic bags in her island, Bali. She is now a leading figure of a new power, of youth empowerment. And it is rising. But changes remain slow and Melati could not wait any longer. She needs to meet her tribe, her peers, and join forces. In her search to team up with other young leaders, Melati will cross path with fellow young activists based everywhere in the world.

Welcome to an amazing positive reality, where kids change lives, questioning and cracking our resistance, calling us to wake up and confront the challenges and potential changes that are surely BIGGER THAN US!

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