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Blood of the Blue

Blood of the Blue

Family | Chinese | 98 minutes


Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Hsu-Hu Yuan


Jerry Ko, Kai Cheng, Peng-Feng Wu



More than 300 years ago, the legendary pirate captain Yen buried a large amount of treasure in the blue sea. Yen's later generations, Yen Dong-Jing and Yen Bei-Wei grew up with their father. Their whole life was about finding the treasure hidden in the ocean, until life taught them that the real treasure was with them all along, their love for each other.

The father and son, who used to have a great relationship, gradually change as they grow up and have serious differences about the definition of "treasure". What is the so-called "treasure" of the father? Will the sea that once linked these two brothers' feelings be able to make the East meets the North again?

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