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With society in ruins in the aftermath of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack, Sloane, a violent bounty hunter teams up with Helen, the mother of a boy killed by the infamous Llewelyn gang, who is hell-bent on revenge.


Following an EMP attack the world is plunged into chaos when it experiences a change to its axis. Now subject to severe Meteor storms and extreme weather, the rule of law has totally collapsed.

In this new America, Sloane, a mysterious bounty hunter teams up with Helen, a woman whose son was brutally killed by the Llewelyn gang, a feared outfit stealing the Blood Red, the red core from the meteorites, led by the charismatic Johnny, and his brutally sadistic sister, Jenny.

Aided by the arrival of Rhonda, a woman with strange hi-tech weaponry, seeking her Harley back from the Llewelyn’s, the three follow the tracks, hugging the coast, ultimately leading to an old coal factory which is now processing the Blood Red for a mystical use.

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