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Bloody Island

Bloody Island

Action/Adventure, Black Comedy, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller | English | 83 minutes


A Shadow in the Dark Productions LLC

Cast & Crew


Joseph Kelly


Julian Cervantes, Robert Wichman


Mindy Robinson, Shawn Philips, Curtis Hughes, Stephen Cena



Officer Bob Butterfield agrees to one last job, a few hundred miles away, at an abandon amusement park on a private island. With two x Marines joining on the journey as Community Service Officers, no better way to keep the ten Community Service Workers in line, right? The owner of the amusement park, a cracked out clown, and his pal, "a little person", are always on premise and loves to put on a good show for the very few who find this island. The question is, will they be the ones putting on the show.

All International Rights Available.

Prequel to Bloody Island, - Community Service The Movie

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