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Drama | Italian | 100 minutes


NewGen Entertainment Srl


Federico wants to become an astronaut and he is willing to do anything to achieve his dream. This dream has become an obsession since his mother Sara died ten years ago. After years of dedication and sacrifices, Federico has won a scholarship to study engineering at the MIT of Boston. There, he spends a year studying day and night, aiming for the greatest results all the time. To be able to do so, Federico takes some pills everyday to stay focused and active. In June, Federico comes back home to a small village in the Langhe hills to spend the summer with his family and his friends. Here he meets again with his sister Arianna, his best friend Andrea and his dad Luigi. Everything here is still and perfect exactly as it was one year before. Federico has a specific plan for his summer: he will study hard for his two exams, trying to raise his GPA in order to maintain his bursary, he will have fun with his friends and he will enjoy the beauty of the summer as much as possible. He knows he can do that thanks to a methodic use of his pills. One day he finds out that Najma, his childhood friend, is back as well. She is an aspiring painter finishing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Berlin. A sincere and magical love blossoms between them. Now everything is even more perfect than ever. Federico manages to enjoy the summer, study hard, and spend the time with Najma… but he does not realise he is increasing the consumption of the pills to do all of that. The days run fast, and the exam is getting closer. Moreover Federico starts discovering all the shady sides of his village, and his golden nest slowly turns into a cage. Due to the medicine and the rollercoaster of emotions, he is not able to manage everything as he used to. So he starts arguing with Najma, Arianna and Andrea, accusing them of standing in the way of his dream. His life starts collapsing down… and he realises he has to lose it all to understand what he really wants.

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