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Musical | English | 90 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC

Cast & Crew


Dave Zito



Synopsis / Script Breakdown

Breakin 3: The Boogaloo Kid

Amidst the economic chaos engulfing Los Angeles , a Young Russian immigrant , Wizza , finds a way to help his family survive Wizza, a brilliant street dancer , falls in with a rough crew , led by a predatory street legend , T-LUV. Running in the streets , Wizza makes serious money . But his talent is too extraordinary , before long the jealous T-Luv expels him from the crew .

When an old-school Hip Hop Promoter finds out, he offers Wizza a highly publicized challenge match against T-Luv and his old crew , if Wizza can put together a crew of his own. But no one will join him T-Luv is too powerful , he finds work for all the dancers, and he's let it be known that anyone who joins Wizza becomes his enemy .

So Wizza must journey through the economic wasteland of central California , to a small town dying in the desert ,to find the most legendary of all street dancers , The Boogaloo Kid . The Kid is washed up , hasn't performed in public for years , but luckily he's surrounded by young proteges . Through a series of tests, challenges and lessons. Wizza earns the kids approval , the respect of his new young crew, even the love of their leader , an aggressive young girl named Electra . Above all, Wizza must discover the reason why the kid left the game, must help him reconcile with the past, must convince the kid to join him in Battle .

With his new crew , new techniques and new knowledge, Wizza returns to L.A for the ultimate challenge , leaving two questions .: Will Wizza keep his integrity when T-LUV offers money and jobs to fix the battle ? And will the World once again see the white-hot brilliance of The Boogaloo Kid?

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