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Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy | Spanish | 130 minutes


Odin's Eye Entertainment

Cast & Crew


David Restrepo


Carolina Barrera, Santiago Caicedo


David Restrepo


Renata, a nine-year-old girl, due to family circumstances, is forced to live in the old house of her aunt Eva; a bitter woman who overwhelms her with endless strange rules of coexistence, which, in the end, are the product of the whim and wear of Eva’s sad and desolate mind.

While days go by, Renata discovers that it is not just her aunt and her that are in-habitants of that old house. Chandasma, an abandoned ghost dog with no memories but with amazing powers, lives secretly with them and Renata is the only one who can see him. Renata and Chandasma begin to cultivate a strong bond of friendship and together they embark on a journey into the family’s past. They search for clues about Renata’s missing father, without knowing that they are also approaching to find Chandasma’s lost memories.

This story speaks about the importance of the family, the ties of friendship, the respect for animals and about how the most valuable assets that can be treasured in life, are the memories of those moments shared with our most loved ones.

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