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Christmas Freak

Christmas Freak

: Xmas Freak, ,

Comedy, Drama, Family | English | 91 minutes


Family Values Production

Cast & Crew


Sean Brown


Sean Brown, Gemma Bulos


Sean Brown


Sean Marlow, Amy Hagan, David Drumgold



What if it was Xmas every day? It is for Rudy. And that is the problem. Rudy is a Xmas Freak. Rudy and his little dog Prancer celebrate Xmas every single day. For Rudy, Xmas is the greatest, most perfect achievement in human history. People are kind and forgiving and honest at Xmas. So why can’t they be kind and forgiving and honest all year? Rudy is convinced that keeping Xmas alive all year is the coolest thing ever. But is it really? He wants to be cool. But he’s not. And he wants friends. But he doesn’t have any. No one likes Rudy because he’s so odd. And he dresses like an elf. But there is one person who does like Rudy. Her name is Clarice. When she reveals that she has a secret crush on Rudy he doesn’t know how to handle it. He pushes her away. Even more sad and lonely now that he has loved and lost, Rudy decides that the world would be better off if he never said Merry Xmas again. So he takes himself to a bridge to throw himself off. Like George Bailey. Suddenly, a kindly man approaches and talks him out of jumping. Returning home, he passes a backyard party and peeks in at the happy people. They discover him spying on them and invite him in for some cocoa. There he meets Nelson, who he has seen before on the train. Nelson and the other party goers question Rudy on his fascination with Xmas and as Rudy tells them his story, he begins to examine the root of his obsession. He finds himself on a journey through his own Xmas past, present, and future and finally realizes that there is no perfection in life. Not even Xmas. If Rudy wants friends, he will have to make room for a little imperfection. And if he wants to be cool, he will have to learn to be himself. And acknowledge that there is more in life to celebrate than Xmas.

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