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Cold Providence

Cold Providence

Action/Adventure | English


Red Rock Entertainment



Shellshocked from discovering his wife’s infidelity, MARTY (Urban) packs up his shotgun and a mysterious bag of cash, planning to hit the road. He nabs a used car, and along with it, the owner: an impulsive but disarming woman named GILL (Akerman).

Together, they head north with no real destination in mind. Trouble soon finds them though, in the form of BOBBY and MARY-BETH, a pair of young drifters who catch sight of Marty’s cash and quickly ingratiate themselves into the odd couples’ “adventure.”

With the police now onto Marty as well, he and Gill are fending off danger from all angles. But Gill has some dark secrets of her own, shifting this thrill ride into some unexpected terrain.

Tense action sequences, pulse-raising sexual tension and an acid-tongued sense of humour highlight this unique cracker-jack tale of greed, lust and revenge.

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