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Confessions of a Hitman

Confessions of a Hitman

Drama | French | 109 minutes


WaZabi Films

Cast & Crew


Luc Picard


Christian Larouche


Luc Picard, Éveline Gélinas, Sandrine Bisson, David La Haye


Confessions of a Hitman tells the story of one of the most prolific hitmen of our time. With twenty-eight murders and fifteen attacks on his hunting trophy, Gérald Gallant surprises and confuses. How did this little man stammers with fragile health and a modest IQ, living with his pious and generous wife in a tidy house in the heart of a quiet neighborhood in the Province of Quebec, manage to outwit both the most hardened criminals and the smartest policemen? It is here the hitman himself who explains himself and lifts the veil on his own life ... even if it means manipulating those to whom he speaks along the way.

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