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Contra la Corriente

Contra la Corriente

Alternate Titles: Against the Current

Action/Adventure, Thriller | Spanish


Panama Film Commission

Cast & Crew


Gurnir Singh


Brittany DeVries


When the authorities discover that Alma was illegally adopted, she is taken away from the family she loves and put into the care of her exploitative biological father.

After reading Huckleberry Finn, Alma decides to fake her death to escape her father and travels up the river with the help of Julian, a "duende" (Panamanian mythological creature) in search of her family.

Along the way, Alma encounters strange and beautiful creatures reminding her of childhood tales. Contra la Corriente weaves together the harsh realities of a child “stuck in limbo” with the mystical, mysterious and sometimes terrifying folklore and legends of Panama.

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