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Counter Histories: Rock Hill

Counter Histories: Rock Hill

Documentary | English | 60 minutes


California Pictures

Cast & Crew


Frederick Taylor


Ellen Barnard, Stacy Mahoney, Kristin Raimondi


Jeremiah Fewell, Carol Parente



Meet the men who stood up for their rights by sitting down at the counter of the rock hill, sc five and dime. they asked for a cup of coffee and were instead met with violence, police brutality and unjust imprisonment. a small town miles from charlotte, nc, rock hill became a landmark of the civil rights movement, one that too few remember today. students of friendship college took on the weight of discrimination under the banner of non-violence and 'jail no bail.' the tactic spread across the south, inspiring protesters to no longer fund their own oppression through bonds and fines. the courage of these men ignited a passion and furor that rose into the famed freedom rides.

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