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Dark Light

Dark Light

Drama | English | 82 minutes


New York International Pictures

Cast & Crew


Damian Chapa


Gloria Kisel


Damian Chapa


Estefania Villaespesa



An eccentric Interpol detective from New York, Sonny Pietra (Damian Chapa) used to work for the Los Angeles Occult Crime Unit, finds himself investigating a mysterious set of murders on the beautiful island of Ireland. A very disturbed, beautiful woman Jeanie Del Rey (Estefania Villaespesa, Best Actress, Marbella Film Festival Europe) has been blamed for the murders. Sonny proves it could not be her since she has been locked away in a mental institution. However a strange & mysterious set of events still point to the young woman being the culprit. After Sonny Pietra investigates further, he realizes Dr. Thomas Jeanie's doctor (Natalia Ortega) in the institution may have some evidence pointing towards a cabal of witches practicing an ancient form of occult practice involving human sacrifice. Jeanie gets spiritually attacked when a priest (Mark McCreary) gets called to help exorcise Jeanie. Agent Pietra finds himself against a town of satanic witches taking out anyone in their way. Pietra enlists a rag-tag crew to take on the evil cabal & with the aid of a young, handsome hospital orderly (Luke O'Brien Chapa) & a charismatic mysterious blonde boy (Gabriel O'Brien Chapa), Detective Pietra takes on the town of satanic witches and their plot to sacrifice Jeanie. Sonny realizes he has a higher calling than being a detective.

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