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Dark Vision

Dark Vision

Action/Adventure, Horror | English | 86 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Darren Flaxstone


Chris Broughton


Darren Flaxstone, Bernie Hodges


Bernie Hodges, Suzie Latham, Judith Haley, Alicia Ancel, Oliver Park, Simon Pearce




Low-rent TV presenter Spencer Knights and his film crew arrive at a gothic folly deep in the English countryside. Jo, one of the camera operators is shocked to learn that they are part of a live supernatural talent show, 'Dark Vision’, where the team with the most downloads wins their own on-line series.

Inside the the tower the team meet Clem, the Folly’s caretaker who’s partial to the odd drink or three. Before they descend into the tunnels below for the remainder of the evening Spencer recounts the tale of a spirit that supposedly resides there, William Baylock a 15th Century plague doctor.

Once in the catacombs a sinister Clem reveals that Baylock was a Satanist and it was in the very same tunnels four hundred years ago where Baylock sacrificed the lives of thirteen children to gain his soul passage to hell. Clem says his plans were thwarted before he could achieve his goal, trapping his spirit in the tunnels forever.

Undeterred, Spencer encourages the team to continue in the vain hope that whatever occurs, (however fabricated), will boost their hits and win them a series. But unknown to the crew, Spencer's thirst for fame has clouded his judgment, as via a satanic rite he opens a doorway to a darker realm. Spencer then locks the crew in the bowels of The Folly and at the mercy of the newly powerful entity of William Baylock.

What now faces Jo and the team is a life and death struggle to stay alive until dawn and as the true horror of what they are locked in the tunnels with becomes clear, Jo is forced to face up to the demons of her own past in order to stop Baylock’s demonic reincarnation from entering the world of the living...

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