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Dead Frequency

Dead Frequency

Comedy, Drama, Romance | English | 78 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Rob Burrows


Denise Wakefield


Rob Burrows


Stephen Mason, Cheryl Moody, Michaela Marshall, Faye Ormston, Simon Hodgson, Robin Bayne



Sam Stewart(Mason) battles with depression and alcohol addiction. He is trying to hold down his job as a night-time radio presenter. He is also in love with Emily (Marshall) but is afraid to show his feelings in case of where this will lead. Along with some others they are members of a modern day vampire clan. Having evolved to tolerate daylight they remain vulnerable to attack if their cover is blown. Haunted by guilt from the past atrocities and coping with some very human interpersonal issues they are keen to integrate into society. However a mysterious new manager takes over at the radio station followed closely by government agents who hunt down vampires. This dark comedy handles real world themes in a supernatural way and the outcome of where this leads will keep you guessing until the end.

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