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Deep Evil

Deep Evil

Alternate Titles: 緝魔

Horror, Suspense | Mandarin | 107 minutes


Mandarin Motion Pictures

Cast & Crew


Mark Lu


Fiona Lo, Eric Liang


Kaiser Chuang, Wei Shao Yu, Meng Po Fu


Wen Tzu-sheng (Kaiser Chuang), an aggressive detective, is investigating a headless female dead body when he meets the cold medical examiner Han Hsueh-ning (Yu Wei Shao) for autopsy. They find out the victim went to Kao Jun-wei (Meng Po Fu)’s clinic for breast enlargement surgery. And out of the blue, Han Hsueh-ning tells Wen Tzu-sheng that she used to date Kao Jun-weil in college and gave false testimony to help him in court. Kao Jun-wei now become the prime suspect.

But when Wen-Tze-sheng heads to the clinic to investigate, more questions emerge. Kao Jun-wei asks to meet Han Hsueh-ning, but Han Hsueh-ning ends up stabbing him. The complicated relationship between the two makes the case harder to crack and the truth more elusive…

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