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Definition Of Fear

Definition Of Fear

| English | 88 minutes


Acort International



Sarah Harding is a psychological degree student who is finishing her masters PHD degree. She decides to do her thesis on 'Fear'. She decides to take three of her friends to a remote cabin and rig it to scare them and film the results secretly using hidden cameras and to submit the edited film as her thesis on how fear can be manipulated. She asked three of her beautiful girl friends to go away for the weekend to her professor's remote cabin for a 'girlie weekend'. They arrive at the cabin and have fun but quickly the three girls start to be scared by noises and events at the remote isolated cabin. They find a ouija board that Sarah has planted and play it. Strange things start to happen and the girls are scared to tears. They stop playing it but it has a bad effect on the youngest friend Victoria. They decide to play it again, and the board spells out the words 'Mary' and 'Danger'. One of the girls Frankie, goes to the outside toilet which is the only one that works and disappears. No one to be found. Sarah starts to act strangely. They go back on the board and find out that Mary was killed and drowned in the lake and she appears to them on the television screen telling them 'He's Here'. They try to go and get help but their car won't start. Rachel goes out a second time to try and start the car and there is a bright light and she disappears. This leaves Victoria the youngest friend and Jaqueline. Victoria faces the demon on her ow, she sits at the ouija board and the pointer moves on its own and the room turns into a frenzy, objects flying around. The weekend away, turns out to be a weekend from hell. She screams and we see blood seep from the ceiling rose. In the morning we see the three images of the girls floating dead in the lake, as Sarah, drives into the distance away from the cabin, the true 'Definition of Fear'.

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