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Demon Hole

Demon Hole

Horror | English | 77 minutes



Cast & Crew


Josh Crook


Lori Crook


Josh Crook


Samhain, Samantha Scaffidi, Paris Campbell



In a small Mid-western town, five college bound kids have been sentenced to community service for minor brushes with the law. Luce (short for Lucinda) a tough girl raised in foster care, hitchhikes to the prison bus while the others are dropped off by their parents. Gary is an autistic nerd who manages to annoy everyone. Tiffany is strange and neurotic pretty girl with an eating disorder. Befanny is a spoiled party girl who likes to get it on, and Doug is an athlete who smoked weed that one time and got busted. They are met by Kyle, high school football star, good looking, and heading to Harvard. His dad owns the correctional facility and the energy company that is drilling the land that the kids have to serve community service. Landing in the woods and tasked with digging, raking, and clearing the kids quickly realize that the prison bus has disappeared. The kids are completely lost and no matter how hard they try they can’t seem to find their way out of the woods. Luce catches glimpses of a figure up on a ridge, and they realize they are not alone. The kids are being chased by an ancient demon, called Molok. The demon needs a willing human host in order to get out of the woods. Molok spins a perpetual world of hallucinations tempting the kids with drugs, sex and their wildest fantasies. The kids realize that they are trapped in the woods; with only two ways out - give in to Molok - or die!

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