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Dirty Little Deeds

Dirty Little Deeds

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Dylan Vox


Josiah Nelson


Nayirah Teshali, Adam Hollick, Ashley Doris, Nerissa Tedesco, Alex Mitchell



When Jessica (Nayirah Teshali) marries winery owner, Simon (Adam Hollick), he learns his father has died and returns home to help his family’s struggling business. Upon arriving at the estate, Simon’s family and staff give Jessica the cold shoulder, and she is immediately confronted by the memory of Simon's deceased wife, Daphne. Already uncomfortable, matters get worse when Jessica and her friend, Madison (Ashley Doris), find Daphne's body near a place Simon often visits on the estate. Suspicious of her new husband, Jessica learns Simon wasn’t involved in Daphne’s death. Instead, it was his sister, Evelyn (Alex Mitchell), who killed Daphne out of anger that the estate would turn over to Simon’s family upon their father’s passing. But before Simon and Jessica can report Evelyn to the police, they’re confronted by the family’s housekeeper, Miss Watkins (Nerissa Tedesco), who believes Simon was the one who killed her daughter, Daphne. Now, Jessica must save her husband from Miss Watkins and his corrupted family.

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