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Oregon Pine

Oregon Pine

Drama, Erotic | German | 89 minutes



Cast & Crew


Nicolai Max Hahn


Nicolai Max Hahn, Vulnet Rusani


Nicolai Max Hahn


Hannes Wegener, Peri Baumeister, Godehard Giese, Silke Bodenbender



Wood engineer Richard Lueders (Hannes Wegener) lives a life like a construction. Highly engaged in his career his private life consists of nothing but short purely sexual affairs. When he first meets Teresa Becker (Peri Baumeister) it seems to be just another one of these brief encounters. But this time everything changes. Although Richard tries to fight it in the beginning, the unexpected tenderness, intimacy and the longing it brings pulls him right in. Although his company is currently facing severe financial diffculties, he busts important meetings which of course leads to problems with his business partner. But Richard is booked for a wild ride of love, passion, ease and freedom. Sharpened by the sudden awareness of what he had been missing in his life, his time with Teresa becomes a journey towards his own feelings and the question arises: Where do I belong? But the answer Richard finds hits Teresa‘s sore spot and suddenly he realizes that he basically knows nothing about her. Where she comes from, where she wants to go, who she is...

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