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Dragon Maze

Dragon Maze

Action/Adventure, Fantasy | English | 93 minutes


High Fliers Films


In the divided Kingdom of Meridia, rich nobles thrive while the masses toil in their mines and farms, barely more than slaves. The lands are ruled by the tyrant King Gerind, a cruel and ambitious man who seeks power and riches by any means necessary. He has one daughter, the Princess Meyra, who he he intends to marry off to the son of the kingdom's wealthiest noble, she however loves aslave boy, Tyrol, trained to fight, and to serve the King unquestioningly.

On the eve of the princess's betrothal, the castle is attacked by the Wizard Akaris, and the princess stolen. A team of herroic knights including Tyrol and accompanied by witches are tasked with her safe return. Akaris, a known Dragon shapeshifter is no easy foe and in order to rescue the princess, these knights will need Dragon's of their own.

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