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Elis and Tom

Elis and Tom

Alternate Titles: Elis e Tom

Documentary | Portuguese


Latin American Training Center

Cast & Crew


Roberto Oliveira


Nelson Motta


Elis Regina, Tom Jobim


In February 1974, Brazilian musical stars Elis Regina and Tom Jobim met in Los Angeles, to record an album that would become a reference work in the history of Brazilian popular music. "Elis and Tom – It Had to Be with You" is the musical documentary that tells the story of how the encounter and recording of these two giant Artists happened. Elis brought her band, who joined Tom Jobim and the best musicians in LA, arranged by Bill Hitchcock at MGM studios. Roberto Oliveira, TV director and then Elis’s manager, gathered a talented film crew and shot everything in more than 4 hours of film. This never before seen material is now shown, more than 40 years later, in a documentary that shows everything that happened behind the scenes and why this album is so internationally recognized and considered one of the best in the history of Brazilian music.

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