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Europe 4K

Europe 4K

Documentary | English | 93 minutes



Cast & Crew



, Fekete


Andrew Merrel, Judit


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With a series of films showcasing the best of what Europe can offer, we start our journey with three prominent European countries, from different regions of the continent. Italy brings us the southern Mediterranean vibe with Sicily and Tuscany, and worldly renaissance masterpieces from up north and Venice. Of course, we also drop by the everlasting city, Rome and relay in Naples.

You can never have enough of France, and Paris is a top choice for all with great tastes for food, wine, architecture and culture. This city features so many aspects of the progress of the western democracy, and one can witness some of the finest of arts.

Heading east, Budapest is perhaps one of the most exciting cities of the eastern region. In many ways, Budapest resembles Paris, but wartime memories still linger around the unique and tasteful designs and architecture. Historical as it is, Budapest is also one of the most exciting party places. Once you arrive, the eastern-European vibe will quickly catch you.

South, west and east - through Italy, Paris and Budapest, you can look back to what shaped Europe, the way it is today.

Shot in picture perfect 4K for the best experience, this first film of the series will take you on a remarkable journey of Europe.

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