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Animation | English | 90 minutes


Kapers Animation

Cast & Crew


Julio Soto Gurpide


Julio Soto Gurpide


Julio Soto Gurpide, Toby Davies, David Freedman


Ever wondered what would happen if you could talk to your pets? Evolution is a screwball comedy about humans turning feral and animals getting in touch with their Homo Sapiens side. Welcome to a world where animals and humans have more in common than you ever imagined!

When 12 year old Zoe accidentally eats a mysterious plant whilst on an Arctic expedition, she immediately acquires animal super powers. The plot turns even crazier when back home, Zoe´s beloved rabbit Rufus and her other exotic pets also eat the substance turning into furry versions of human beings.

And that includes some of our less admirable traits: these pet-humans are loud and rambunctious, addicted to junk food, video games and shopping!

Peggy, her distracted scientist mother will try to find an antidote to bring them all back to normal. But her unscrupulous father, Gordon, will immediately see the plant´s huge commercial potential and develop a plan to use the Arctic plant to enrich himself. Somehow Zoe and her furry friends are going to have to work together to foil Gordon’s evil plan and while they are at it… save the world!

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