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Fatal Flatline

Fatal Flatline

Drama, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Julie McNiven, Jon Abrahams, Kelley Jakle



After the tragic death of their daughter, Julie (Julie McNiven) and Dennis (Jon Abrahams) decide to donate her organs. They opt out of initiating any contact with the recipients but remain open to meeting if someone reaches out – and someone does. Vera (Kelley Jakle) contacts Julie and Dennis to tell them how grateful she is to have their daughter’s heart. But the more time Vera spends with Julie and Dennis, the more she begins to cross boundaries. When Julie and Dennis ask Vera to leave, someone mysteriously ransacks their home and vandalizes their car. Determined to prove Vera is the culprit, Dennis and Julie investigate Vera’s past and discover that her sister was killed in the same accident as their daughter, who was reading text messages from Julie while driving. Now, Vera is out for revenge and wants to make Julie pay with her life.

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