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Fell, Jumped or Pushed

Fell, Jumped or Pushed

Comedy | English | 89 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Todd Peters


Kenneth Hughes, Matthew Gossin, Todd Peters


Todd Peters, Jeremy Rabb


Stella Adler, Anthony Cistaro, Scott Shelley, Priscilla Allen, Jeremy Rabb, Mark Boyett, Todd Peters



Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is for movie fans who love quirky characters, offbeat backdrops, and the utter bastardization of reality TV meets early Christopher Guest. Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is a romantic mockumentary that digs into the bizarre real-¬life disappearance of our director and lead’s (Todd Peters) grandfather Sgt. Elmo Warrick. This genre bender is a farce inside a documentary making for some convoluted on-screen and off-screen antics, even if you can’t figure out what’s real or not. An internationally renowned documentary filmmaker follows a group of wannabe filmmakers as they set out to make an important feminist documentary, but soon reveal themselves to be a bunch of fairly sweet but incompetent suburbians trying to be more. Set in Arizona, Southern California, and Spokane, Washington, Fell, Jumped, or Pushed also features the very sweet and unsuspecting real-life members of Todd’s family who at the time of filming, for better or worse, were led to believe that they were participating in a serious documentary about the mysterious vanishing of their family patriarch, Sgt. Elmo Warrick.

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