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Finding Mom

Finding Mom

Alternate Title: Momo

Comedy | French | 90 minutes


TF1 Studio

Cast & Crew


Vincent Lobelle, Sebastien Thiery


Olivier Delbosc


Sebastien Thiery, Pacale Arbillot


Christian Clavier, Catherine Frot, Sebastien Thiery, Pascale Arbillot


What if you came home one day to find some weirdo living in your house? What if that weirdo, in a barely understandable language, explained that he was your son? But you knew for a fact you had no children. This is what happened to André and Laurence Prioux, a bourgeois couple, stylishly living in a quiet upscale suburb. Convinced they are victims of an error or a con man, André wants nothing to do with Patrick. But Laurence, faced with the inexplicable, suddenly becomes the mother she never was and welcomes with open arms this long-lost son, who sprung out of nowhere with his pregnant fiancée. And her dog. When a childless couple encounters family… Or makes it up.

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