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Finding Ubuntu

Finding Ubuntu

Documentary | English, Swahili | 24 minutes


Splicer Films

Cast & Crew


Annette King, Ishmael Azeli


Annette King


Taylor Martin, Jack Schoenthaler


Maick Mutej



Maick Mutej is a refugee who lost his family and home fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When he arrives at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, he experiences the suffering refugees have long endured at the camp facing food insecurity and lack of jobs, schools and basic necessities. Through his tragedy, he finds his calling to help marginalized refugees and co-founded Ubuntu Nation, a project providing education, healthcare, housing and nutrition to marginalized communities. The project is inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, “I am because we are,” which embraces our shared humanity.

After three years of rebuilding his life and impacting thousands of refugees, he is stunned to learn his family is still alive and has been hiding in DRC. He must now decide whether to return to his home country or continue to serve his refugee family who needs him most

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