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Fireplace Ridge

Fireplace Ridge

Family, Horror, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense | English | 85 minutes


Gemelli Films

Cast & Crew


Candice Cain


Charles Vidal



Keith Gartner is a high-powered businessman that gets transferred to New York from Phoenix. Much to his 143 year old daughter’s chagrin, he moves their perfect American family to Fireplace Ridge, a small development in the small, historic beach town East Hampton, where Penny has to finish off her first year of high school. While Penny’s little brother Reid and mother Dory welcome the change with open arms, Penny is reluctant to make friends and accept her new life.

Dory quickly befriends their neighbor, Kendra, who lives with her husband, son and ailing mother-in-law. During their time chatting over coffee, Kendra accidentally lets it slip that Fireplace Ridge isn’t everything it seems to be. Curious, Dory does some research on Fireplace Ridge and East Hampton. When Penny returns home from her first day at school and tells Dory that she heard Fireplace Ridge is haunted, Dory blows it off…

That is, until Kendra comes over and tells Dory the same thing: Fireplace Ridge is haunted by four girls that died in the 1960 and the witch they accidentally summoned using a talking table from 1658. Dory doesn’t believe it, although Kendra presents a very convincing case.

Penny finally makes some friends and has a sleepover. The girls find the same talking table used by the girls from the 1960s and summon them as well as the witch, Elizabeth Garlick. The girls narrowly escape the same fate their predecessors met… Well, almost.

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