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First Love

First Love

Alternate Titles: 初戀

| Vietnamese | 90 minutes


Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Cast & Crew


TRAN Nhan Kien


Thanh My, JSOL, Mai Ky Han



Will the “Prince Charming” of the School Fall for an Ordinary Girl?

Even When She Accidently Move in to His House?

Like all other high school girl, 15 year old My-An has a secret crush. He is tall, handsome and rich; Thien is the “Prince Charming” of the school. However, Thien is also weird and cool. He barely talks with his friends, but secretly, he dreams of becoming a famous singer.

One day, My-An’s father has to go on a work trip far away from the city, he then send My-An to be taken care by his best friend, who is coincidently, Thien’s father! With My-An now moves in to Thien’s place, will My-An be able to gain Thien’s heart? Will Thien’s secret be revealed?

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