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| English | 84 minutes


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On the night low-level gambler, Daz Clemance is leaving Birmingham to start a crime-free life with his girlfriend in Spain, he‘s accused of fixing a bareknuckle fight in a warehouse. He is beaten, stabbed and locked in a cupboard to await certain death at the hands of Al Coop - the gangster he supposedly swindled money from. The problem is, his plane is due to leave in an hour and he has to pay-off money lender, Nial and also convince his estranged son, Jimmy to quit his gangster lifestyle and go to University. With two thousand pounds hidden in his trousers for Jimmy - Daz begins his escape. The only person willing to help him is stoner, Ravi but he’s beaten up by Al Coop’s men, who take the cash meant for Nial. When Jimmy finally calls, Daz is bleeding heavily and semi-conscious. Jimmy realises Daz is dying, forgives him for neglecting him as a kid and promises to take him to hospital. But, Nial intercepts Jimmy and tells Daz he’s coming for his money. Daz finally escapes and after killing Al, collapses. Suddenly, the warehouse door opens. Only, it’s not Nial that walks in, its Jimmy - Jimmy gave Nial the wrong address. Now, Jimmy helps Daz to his feet and drags him outside to freedom.

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