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Fly Monarca

Fly Monarca

Action/Adventure, Documentary, True Story | English | 76 minutes


Above and Beyond Documentary Society

Cast & Crew


Benjamin Jordan


Benjamin Jordan, Lyndsay Nicole


Benjamin Jordan, Lyndsay Nicole



In pursuit of a dream, and inspired by a butterfly, an ambitious paraglider pilot attempts to fly across the United States, from Mexico to Canada, relying solely on the sun, wind and his own willpower.

The Monarch is the worlds furthest migrating butterfly. Between Mexico and Canada, the paper-thin pilots navigate a record breaking distance with a pin point precision that baffles science to this day. How do they do it? What secrets do they hold? Last summer, a paraglider pilot risked everything to crack the code.

Follow record breaking pilot, Benjamin Jordan as he dares attempt the holy grail of paraglider expeditions; an unbroken line from Mexico to Canada and the first ever sequence of non-motorized flights across the United States of America.

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