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Frankenstein: Legacy

Frankenstein: Legacy

Horror, Thriller | English | 100 minutes


101 Films International

Cast & Crew


Paul Dudbridge


Jim Griffin


Juliet Aubrey, Michelle Ryan, Philip Martin, Matt Barber



England, 1875. A century after Victor Frankenstein’s doomed experiment, his journals have traded hands for decades. Frankenstein’s secrets did not die with him. As graves are torn up and patients disappear from the asylum, William Browning sets out to find who stole his father’s body - and finds horrors close to home as his mother descends into madness.

Frankenstein’s journals are now in the hands of Millicent Browning. In her mid-40s, a gifted scientist, Millicent searches obsessively for a cure for her husband’s degenerative illness. She is devoted to him, to the exclusion of her children, William and Clara, with whom she is cold and harsh. William, our hero, is in his mid-20s. Witty, unconventional for his class, he strains at the bounds of his privileged position, working as a doctor in the local asylum.

When Millicent’s husband dies by suicide she snaps, disappearing into her obsession, poring through the journals for an answer. Taking his body from his grave, she returns him to life – in body but not in soul. She seeks new flesh with which restore him… As William struggles with his father’s death, and battles the outdated methods of the asylum’s stuffy superintendent, he forms an unlikely friendship with a working class nurse, Liza, who has her own reasons for hunting the body snatchers now terrorizing the small town. As murder reaches the asylum, William comes to understand his mother’s descent into madness. He finds what was once his father; now a hideous monster with only flickers of recognition for his son.

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