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Freaky Jiang Hu

Freaky Jiang Hu

Comedy | Chinese | 90 minutes


Entertaining Power Company Limited

Cast & Crew


Sandy WONG


Yiu Sing LAM, Michelle WAI, Ka Ying LAW, Cheung Ching MAK



In Tang Dynasty, Monk Sha (starring Mak Cheung Ching) is following the Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang. By accident, Monk Sha has opened an inn door which connected to thousands of years later of a local restaurant in Portland Street of Hong Kong. They successfully did the time travelled to 2018.

In this bizarre world, Monk Sha luckily met Brother Tangshan (starring LAW Ka Ying) who allows Monk Sha works in the restaurant in return of providing him a shelter to stay. Actually, Juang Shiuan (starring LAM Yiu Sing) was undercover policeman gets close to Brother Tangshan for investigation.

One day, Brother Tangshan was stalked by his old enemies, everyone tried to save him and plan to escape. At the moment of life and death, Devil Spider appears. Everyone fallen into the most critical situation!

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