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Fury of Heart

Fury of Heart

Action/Adventure | Mongolian | 150 minutes


Mongol Films & Nomadic Co., Ltd



The year 1860, Manchurians had been oppressing Mongolia for about 200 years and Mongolians were facing starvation and obligation to pay large sum of tax. A man Erbold with his spouse and mother came across on a way of Fungg Jou, who was just appointed as a governor of Uliastai by the Manchurians, and Jamiyan, who is the son of Mongolian Beis (the 3rd rank title granted from Manchurians to Mongolian aristocracy) Vanchig. Fung Jou imprisons Erbold under the charge of uncooperative behaviour and disrespect for Fung Jou. The new governor Fung Jou notifies all Mongolian dignitaries about a new tax increment. One of the dignitaries gives his daughter Suglegmaa to the new governor, Fung Jou, as a gift. His daughter's truelove struggles to get his loved woman from Fung Jou, but he will be caught and jailed in the Batgun prison. Men such as Erbold, Duger, Garmaa, Lodoi and Samdag will meet with each other in the Batgun prison and form a friendship. During a visit at the prison, Erbold's spouse tells him that he will be father soon and the sad news about his mother passed away because she did not bear the Manchurians cruel beating. Bazar, son of Lodoi, disguised as security guard, succesfully helps the men escape from prison. The men decide to fight against the Manchurian oppression and robs Chinese merchants and stores, distributes their wealth and livestocks to poor Mongolians.  The men who escaped the prison became well known among the locals as the Batgun fellas. During that time, Leo Shui, head of the Chinese merchants, offers a lump sum deal to Fung Jou in return for his protection for a drug import. But one of Mongolian dignitaries heard about it. Number of Mongolian dignitaries who found out about the drug trade sends Sain noyon khan Beil (the 2nd rank title granted from Manchure to Mongolian aristocracy) Sangi to meet and offer with the Batgun fellas an exonoration ordinance in return for stopping the drug cartel midway. The Batgun fellas succesfully robs the drug cartel and waits at a designated location for their exonerate approval by the dignitaries but only finds themselves in a trap. Sangi had no choice but to cooperate with Fung Jou, who has taken his family as hostage. The Batgun fellas survives the trap and hides in a cave where to be caught by some other men later on. Fung Jou fails to pay the reward to the men who caught the Batgun fellas as promised causes an uproar against him. Jamiyan, who lost his father because of Fung Jou joins the fight and dies fighting against Fung Jou’s plan of moving five thousand horses to China. Erbold drags Fung Jou by a horse till death. Some escaped men  returns the horses and continues to fight for their home country. 

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