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Get The Hell Out

Alternate Titles: 逃出立法院

Black Comedy | Mandarin


Mandarin Motion Pictures

Cast & Crew


I-Fan Wang


Han-Hsien Tseng


Ya-Yen Lai, Hao Chen He, Yatauyungana Paicx, Tsung-Hua Tuo, Chung-Huang Wang, He-Syuan Lin


Wang Yo-wei works as a security guard at the parliament and is regarded as a loser by others. One day, he gets involved in an incident which costs Xiong Ying-Ying, a Member of Parliament, her job. Xiong then asks Wang to stand for the by-election, and she will help him win the seat. Therefore, a loser becomes a new MP.

One day in the new session, as a fatal virus is spreading inside the parliament, the MPs are infected and become zombies! Strangely, Wang proves to be the only one immune to the virus. Together with Xiong, they not only fight their way out but save many lives!

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