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Guns & Guitars - A musical travelogue

Guns & Guitars - A musical travelogue

Documentary, Musical | English | 94 minutes



Cast & Crew


Bidyut Kotoky


Vivek Bansal, Bidyut Kotoky


Bidyut Kotoky



The film travels through all the 8 northeastern states. This journey gives us an excuse to glance at what gave shape to the voice and music of the land. We interact with the kids singing in the local pub, catch up with the man on the street... and try to find out how times have changed or not at all! The journey also become a nostalgic one for the director Bidyut, as he revisits - after a long time - places where he had spent his growing up years. He takes the viewers along in his journey through the land and her tales with a first person narrative. He also interacts with a chosen rock band in each of those states, trying to understand what drives them in their music and inspires them to sing. He leaves them with a question on how they are preparing for 24th of May, without explaining to the viewers any more about the specialties of the day. The journey brings us finally to Shillong. Here we meet the 64 years old charismatic local rock legend, Lou Majaw. And attend his immensely popular annual concert to celebrate the birthday of Bob Dylan on the May 24th – along with the rock groups we met earlier in our journey. Along the way, did we also find some parallel between Dylan’s journey as a musician during troubled period of American civil rights movement and Vietnam War with these bands journey through the conflict driven northeast? ...the journey will tell!

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