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Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel

Horror | Mandarin | 90 minutes


China 3D Digital Distribution

Cast & Crew


Ryon Lee


Wei Zhou, Ryon Lee


Aom Sushar, Teddy Chin, Chuan Li


Bai Ling and lover Wei Jun won lucky prize, they have the opportunity to get free trip to Malaysia. At casino, they get to win a lot of money. Then Bai Ling and Wei Jun was forced to stay at "Haunted Hotel” accidentally, they began to make sweet journey into terror tremendous trip.

     The hotel is incredible strange phenomenon from time to time, and then more acts of a strange woman in red frequently attack them. In addition, Bai Ling found sneaky behavior Wei Jun, it is because Wei Jun and other women wonder lingering, thus suspicious all day and into the internal and external torment of being very depressed. So they forced to leave the hotel to go down the mountain, however, it turns out halfway but they were attacked by the woman in red, Then Wei Jun went disappeared and Bai Ling rescued by a Police called Ah Shan.

Later on, reported that they couldn’t find the bodies of Wei Jun and that large sum of money, but weird thing is they also investigated that the Immigration Department does not have any record of Wei Jun who entered in Malaysia. Police Ah Shan indicates the presence of the woman in red in fact closely related to prove the relationship between the woman and Bai Ling.

Living alone in a strange country with the language and cultural barrier, no one believed what Bai ling said. Moreover, the doctor suspected that Bai Ling have a mental illness problem, this make Bai Ling into a grievance and helplessness. In the hospital, Bai Ling found strange things did not end…

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