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Heroin's Grip

Heroin's Grip

Documentary | English | 67 minutes


ConjoStudios, LLC



Heroin’s Grip is a powerful 67 minute documentary film that tells the story about the heroin and opioid epidemic from the viewpoint of those on the front lines of this national crisis. It explores stories of addiction from the perspective of four families who have been impacted by this epidemic and whose lives have been, in some cases, forever changed because of it. In addition, the film takes a look at the problem of addiction though the eyes of local law enforcement officers, mental health workers, community leaders and others in order to get a complete picture of the impact that heroin and opioid addiction has on our community.

Heroin’s Grip also helps the viewer better understand what happens in the brain when heroin and other opioids are used, and shows the story of a few who are succeeding in overcoming addiction and maintaining a life free from drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to show that help is available, and that there is a way out of addiction and that there are resources available for families and individuals caught up in the tragedy. There is hope. There is a way out.

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