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Comedy | English | 96 minutes


Spotlight Pictures

Cast & Crew


David Cross


Giles Andrew, Charles Denton, Jessica Latham


David Cross


Meredith Hagner, Michael Cera, Julia Stiles, Amy Sedaris, Jason Ritter


Katelyn is a talentless teen who spends most of her day fantasizing about being famous and will do anything to escape her small town and get on TV's "The Voice." Meanwhile, her father Dave, a municipal worker, unknowingly creates an uproar when a video of his rants at City Hall goes viral. Soon Katelyn’s father is the town's unlikely revolutionary and new YouTube sensation. When Bennie, a benign pot dealer, shows the viral video to the ultra-hipster and self-appointed peoples advocate Donovan. He misreads the rant as a new social justice cause and organizes an activist group to champion Dave’s pseudo plight. Katelyn continues her quest for fame as she pays the sleazy Julian sexual favors in exchange for him to make a recording demo. Soon the small town attracts more activists who believe they are fighting for a social cause. When Katelyn becomes jealous of the fame and attention that her father is receiving all hell breaks loose. In this hilarious comedy in the tradition “Network.” When everyone is trying to get famous or are consumed by watching others get it - “Hits” reveals the nature of fame in our internet age.

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