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Hockey Mom

Hockey Mom

Drama, Faith | English | 90 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC

Cast & Crew


Grits Carter


An EPIC Inspirational Faith Based/ Drama Feature Film - Hockey Mom. The Mighty Ducks meets Run the Race, meets Facing the Giants, and God’s not Dead

Hockey Mom ​is a Faith Based inspirational story which follows Mary Ellen {A Helper a registered and certified O.C who is a perfectionist , when she loses a loved one she feels despondent and ready to quit her profession after trying to find a real purpose to continue on when the Hockey team at her son’s High school is threatened to be disbanded by the school faculty to budget cuts and not being able to find a coach , Mary Ellen steps up to save the day by becoming the coach with no prior experience and no pay being offered for the position , Mary Ellen becomes the support that the team needs in order to continue on in the midst of finding her purpose and becoming the support needed for the team to achieve.

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