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Fantasy, Romance | Chinese, Japanese | 102 minutes


GETA FILMS / Green Light LLC.



Somewhere on the coast of Taiwan is Hotel Iris, a mouldering seaside establishment run by a cold and thrifty Japanese woman (Nahana) and her lonely half-Taiwanese daughter Mari (Lucia). One night, Mari hears the cries of a woman from the upper floors. Heading up to investigate, she witnesses a distraught woman in a red camisole dress escape an impeccably dressed but violent man (NAGASE Masatoshi) whose cold voice is entrancing. Mari’s initial shock turns into a strange fascination which drives her to follow the man to discover more about him. He is a translator who lives on an isolated island one can only reach by boat and rumours swirl around him and recent murders. The closer she gets to the man, the more a hidden layer of Mari’s personality awakens as she allows herself to be engulfed by his strange passions…

OGAWA Yoko's disturbing tale of sadomasochistic love and twisted desire is brought to the screen in an appropriately minimalist adaptation that features the same psychological examination and elegant violence and disturbing eroticism but brought to the screen by stirring performances from NAGASE Masatoshi and Lucia.

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