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I Am Not A Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke

AFM 2019 Screening Schedule

AMC Santa Monica 1
Nov. 9 - 1:00 pm

I Am Not A Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke

Drama, Romance, Urban | English, Hindi | 115 minutes


Blue Diamond Production House

Cast & Crew


Jainendra Baxi


Chanda Patel


Jainendra Baxi


Sandip Soparrkar, Julia Bliss


Declaring the faults of others, ‘Blaming’, is easy and easier too when we blame others. What we do, what we do not do is ‘just is’ for the moment. So, it is for others as well. Blaming and creating a virtual world based upon the Blame/accusation that we make is wrong. We all are coming out of something and entering in, to something. Learnings might be forgotten but education of our past life situation will remain. As it is said, where the eyes goes the hand goes where the hand goes the mind goes — I Am Not A Pornstar Nazar Sambhal Ke! (Nazar Sambhal Ke -- (in english) Mind Your Gaze).

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