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Il Crimine Non Va In Pensione

Il Crimine Non Va In Pensione

Comedy | Italian | 126 minutes


Amadeus Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Fabio Fulco


Franco Nero, Stefania Sandrelli


Days flow calmly in the senior center "La Serenissima". Suddenly a news upsets the peaceful atmosphere that usually surrounds the entire center. Edda, a beautiful lady around 73, is in the hospital because of a huge stress caused by the loss of her savings in an illegal bet. As they go to visit her, she confess her friends from the senior center her daughter's financial difficulties and how she tried to help her with good winnings. All the guests return to the center very displeased. They really want to help their friend, but they can't afford it. Then Ersilia have a great idea "let's rob the Bingo!". A male nurse of the senior center, "Sasà", who is a former scoundrel, but big-hearted, will support them in this incredible adventure. Suddenly in the bingo hall, an alarm rings and everything seems to be lost. But is it really the end?

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