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Impossible Choice

Impossible Choice

Drama, Romance | English | 111 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Ron Marquisee


Media Artists Inc.


Ron Marquisee


Mark Cole, Jesse Navagh, Darian Sundberg, David Baker, Susannah Berryman



For the minister's son, Brandon, this is a summer of awakening … and acceptance of his
homosexuality. For his father, this is a challenge to his roots in the bible as he interprets
its posture on sexuality that ultimately drives him to "save" his son by killing his lover,
Logan. In a broader exploration of "acceptance", a play-within-the-film recalls two
landmark tragedies in the history of gay culture: the murder of Matthew Shepard, and the
suicide of Tyler Clementi. An intertwined story traces an Erie Canal cruise operator's
challenges in starting a "gay" cruise in presumed conservative Upstate New York. The
message, "Accept What You Can't Change," is directed to non-gay individuals who need
to better understand the reality of homosexuality and to gay individuals who need to
absolve themselves from the notion that being gay is somehow wrong and shameful.

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