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Comedy, Drama | English | 105 minutes


New Films International

Cast & Crew


Mary McGuckian


Mary McGuckian, Jeff Abberley, Martin Katz


Mary McGuckian


David Alpay, Lothaire Bluteau, Geraldine Chaplin, Colm Feore, Jennifer Tilly



What if the inconceivable happened in the context of ART - the acronym for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the science of unnatural conception? In a climate of rapid technological advance in the fast booming baby business, perhaps a little pause for thought is required on behalf of the patients. Couples with infertility issues, biological clock challenged career women, and the gay community to name some can now achieve the previously inconceivable and are prepared to pay a high price for potential failure at the mercy of the medical gurus and drug companies expanding their businesses at a rate beyond the capacity of regulatory bodies to, and even at which society can, keep pace. Exploring a week in the life a typical "cycling" batch of women and their donors preparing to undergo and one or combination of a number of Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments at a progressive private clinic in the USA, the film asks "what if..." What if...something entirely medically conceivable went amiss? If the architects of ART went the way that any successful artist might - and lost the run of themselves? Are not the baby designers of the future in danger of becoming the architects not only of their own downfall, but potentially tolling the death knell to the survival of our species?

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