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Horror, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller | English


Zephyr Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Marc Rosenzweig


Logline: After the disappearance of a classmate, a high school sophomore with dark impulses begins to suspect that he may in fact be the son of Satan.

Rosemary’s Baby in his teens.

Synopsis: Chris, 15, has just moved to a small town in Texas with his overprotective, high-strung mother. Despite his curiosity, Chris knows very little about his father. The girls at Chris’s new school think he’s cute, so naturally the popular guys pick on him to make him feel like an outcast. Chris manages to make a friend, a fellow outcast, Steven. The two grow close and bond over their shared infatuation with their stunning classmate Tori Telford. Chris has a nightmare that turns into a dark sexual fantasy revolving around Tori and the next day she is missing…

Her sudden disappearance makes Chris question if his vivid nightmares are more than just dreams. He feels there could be something dark inside of him, possibly passed on by his father he never knew. Chris feels an overwhelming sense of guilt about Tori’s disappearance and his health and wellbeing begin to deteriorate. When he demands to know if his father was some kind of murderer, his mother ruthlessly dodges the question, as always…

Chris confides in Steven about his dreams involving Tori and his fear that his father may have been a psychopath. Chris continues having twisted visions and nightmares as he desperately searches for his Dad’s identity. Chris and Steven uncover that Chris's father may have been a rich businessman who committed suicide. Determined to find the whole truth, Chris continues to investigate his family’s past leading him to uncover a trail of missing persons and dead acquaintances.

Tori’s body is found in the woods and the police quickly announce it was a wild animal attack, but when Steven and Chris search the woods they find evidence leading them to believe it may have been a satanic sacrifice and Chris has flashes of the ritual. Convinced his family members are satanic cult leaders responsible for unspeakable evil, Chris sets out to stop them by killing his mother.

Status: In Development, additional materials available upon request.

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